Lively Elizabeth!

A tale of what happens if you push and shove

Lively Elizabeth lives up to her name. She's a bit of handful. This is a delightful cautionary tale about what happens when you push and shove!

Elizabeth is a lively little girl. She loves stomping around, making a racket and creating an awful kerfuffle. One day she does the thing that she knows she should never do: she pushes Joe Fitzhugh. Joe tumbles into Jonny, who knocks into another child, and on and on and on. Oh dear, Elizabeth! What have you done?

Illustrated by Cassia Thomas, published by Hodder Children’s Books. ISBN: 978 0340988053

“The poem flows beautifully - almost reminiscent of Hilaire Belloc with its particular rhythm, and of course featuring a naughty child.”
– The Bookbag
“This is a perfect nursery tale... The illustrations are fun and stuffed full of detail, and the fabulous rhyming text has such great pace, tumbling from page to page - just like the children.”
– Nursery World
“The very essence of childhood ... an elegant picture book”
– School Librarian
“Energetic and funny.”
– Bournemouth Daily Echo