OLIVER and the Noisy Baby

The fourth fantastic story about Oliver, the brave and fearless traveller!

From a talented prize-winning author/illustrator team praised for their rhythmic imaginative texts and gloriously detailed illustrations.

Oliver’s baby sister won’t stop crying. Oliver gets in his plane and travels to distant lands to get away from the noise. But wherever he goes, there are babies crying. Oliver wonders if back home HIS sister might need him so he flies back to cuddle her to sleep!

Illustrated by Nick Maland, published by Hodder Children’s Books. ISBN: 978 0340997468

“A great book to give to a child who is preparing to take on the mantle of big brother or sister.”
– Junior
“A delightful picture book … strong rhythm and rhyming structure make it great for reading aloud.”
– School Librarian
“Quirky illustrations with original characters let the gentle rhythm of the story unfold with perfect precision … an excellent addition to any family library.”
– Books for Keeps
“The pictures are big, bright and enchanting. Nick Maland uses his cross-hatching technique to good effect to create beautiful polar bears, tigers, monkeys and teddies. Mara Bergman’s rhyming text is spot on, both catchy and fun and easy to join in with. Verse and illustrations come together to create a rosy vision of family life at its best.”
– Carousel