OLIVER Who Was Small But Mighty

Oliver is small but he wishes he were tall and mighty - especially when he is confronted by a school of whales, a bunch of pirates and a sea monster. A wonderfully rhythmic read about overcoming your fears!

The night the wind started to bump and to bash was the night the rain started to thump and to thrash.

Oliver was small, he didn’t like it at all. He wished he was tall and mighty. Oliver is having a bath during a thunderstorm and as the thunder gets louder and the storm gets more scary he uses his imagination to face his fears and overcome them.

Illustrated by Nick Maland, published by Hodder Children’s Books. ISBN: 978 0340930557

“Through the terrific rhyming text and bold illustrations Oliver discovers that, though small, he is indeed mighty as he lives through his fears in this glorious, rollicking work of imagination.”
– Julia Eccleshare, Guardian
“A story with wonderfully rhythmic text, lively illustrations and great empathy for young children’s fears.”
– Nursery World
“A deliciously funny portrayal of the way that a small child transforms a bath into an epic, it will remind you why keeping at least one pirate boat and a few plastic sharks and dolphins are essential.”
– Amanda Craig, Times
“With the wind howling outside the bathroom window, Oliver is feeling mighty small against the elements. How he wishes he was tall and mighty. With that our diminutive hero takes a deep breath and dives into his bath and sets off on a watery adventure, where he sails among mermaids, whales and dolphins, pirates and sea monsters, courtesy of his vivid imagination.”
“An incredibly imaginative and creative tale of Oliver’s bathtime adventure with superb lyrical text. This will appeal to all children with bright lively minds.”
– Family Interest Magazine
“Lively illustrations… The influence of Maurice Sendak can be sensed.”
–School Librarian
“A wonderfully rhythmic read about overcoming your fears, this is an exceptionally strong picture book with superb illustrations.”